Create digital CAD-measurements in no time at all!

An optimal measurement creation for first-time user, all-rounders or specialists – measure and draw in one working step!

With the Flexijet product family everybody is able to create fast, efficient and cost-saving measurements. There are varied applications of all Flexijet products and the users are many different branches – one single solution for various branches & industries.

Don´t worry about faulty or inaccurate measurements. You don´t have to note anything – you will get directly the result on your display of what you have measured. Flexijet is easy to handle at any place. No tools like scaffold or ladder are necessary anymore. Measure even furnished rooms without moving the furnishments.

You measure curves, archs and less angulated constructions with a fast and precise method. Simultaneously, Flexijet acts as a laser-pointer to simplify installation work.