At Laser Template we make sure our clients have our full coverage when it comes to Training, Tech Support, and Measurement Services.


We only supply the best designed products to ensure our Clients have the proper tools and resourses to do their jobs effectively.
Reducing site time for Measurement Technicians and Installments is a top priority in our goal to support trades across North America and Mexico.


In our Projects area we have an extensive portfolio of what our Clients are working on plus a wide range of examples for you to see what can be accomplished with the right products and support.

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Create Accurate, Digital 3D CAD-measurements in Minutes!

Introducing The Next Generation of Flexijet3D!

With the Flexijet product family anyone can create fast, efficient and cost-saving measurements. There are varied applications of all Flexijet products and the users are many different branches – one single solution for various branches & industries. The Flexijet team in Germany have created the perfect measurement tool designed for the user, not only the job.

Don´t worry about faulty or inaccurate measurements. You don´t have to note anything – you will get direct results on your display of what you have measured. Flexijet is easy to handle at any place. No tools like scaffold or ladder are necessary anymore. Measure even furnished rooms without moving the furniture. The software has been designed toward hand in hadn’t with he hardware to make the learning and measuring process even easier.

You can measure curves, archs and less angulated constructions with a fast and precise method. Simultaneously, Flexijet acts as a laser-pointer to simplify installation work as well.
Laser Template will be there every step of the way to offer full tech support and training.