Flexijet Stairbox 360°

The Flexijet Stairbox 360°

…. additional measurement options!


With the Flexijet-Stairbox360° it is now possible to perform two dimensional measurements on countertops and other surfaces, in addition to accurate measurement of steps and stairways.

Flexijet-Stairbox360° can be removed from the angled rail and placed on the surface to be measured. Measurements can be performed in all directions around the measurement device (360º).

Ideal for creating templates for countertops or any other complex item, like door and window-cutouts.

Capture single measurement points or contour measurements with ease and instantly observe the measurements in the Flexijet-Stairbox360° CAD software.




The capture of the contour of this kitchen furniture with the Stairbox360° delivers the database for the exact manufacturing of the kitchen worktop.