Flexijet 3D

Mobile 3D-Measurement-System – Flexijet 3D

Measure CAD-Drawings accurately on-site and project

Are you dealing with the most diverse measuring assignments? Are you looking for most flexible and the simplest application?
Then Flexijet 3D is the right one for you. Flexijet 3D is a mobile and flexible measuring system.
It consists of a laser distance-measuring device mounting on a turning-rotating unit and a professional 3D-Measuring-Software. Flexijet 3D is the simplest way to measure something.

So simple it is:

  • Select the optimal location in the room
  • Switch it on and reference: aligning the stand is not required
  • Select one of the many marking points in CAD, e.g. Line, Curve or Spline
  • Go down to the measured points manually or with the remote controller
  • Initiate the measuring with the touchsensor on the device or with the remote controller
  • A 3-dimensional CAD drawing is generated

In most cases, the laser is moved manually to the aiming point. For example, when measuring a space, it is not necessary to measure the corner connecting two walls. It is adequate when only 2 points on a wall (red points) are measured -that are close to the corner- and the corners will then be automatically connected by the software.