Flexijet FACE

Mobile 3D measurement system for facades

The solution for total stations with the FlexiCAD2 measurement software

Flexijet FACE is a mobile system for the creation of measurements from complete facades and other spatial building elements.

Experiences over years and invaluable users advantages of our approved measurement system Flexijet 3D were ported with Flexijet FACE to a tool for measurements of facades.

Beside enormous flexibility and the easy to learn handling, this complete system is characterized by robust perfectly aligned hardware and software components.

Flexijet FACE allows the user by measuring and drawing in one working step a fast and precise measurement creation, even of complex facades.

User from the branches of metal, wood, glass and stone and many more that will need precise measurements, are able to work much more rationalized and efficient with Flexijet FACE.

Meaurement of a church facade in FlexiCAD2-Software
Church facade archetype view