Flexijet Stairbox

The Stairbox from Flexijet is a measurement system for staircase construction, to create an accurate recording of dimensions in a fraction of time when compared to conventional methods.

All relevant project data are put in memory in the easy-to-use software. In this way, number, type of steps and specific dimensions such as riser height, overhang and selected material can be specified.

The “measured drawing“ of the individual step contours can be entered direct in the Stairbox software, making a step measurement into a simple activity.

With the stairbox measuring unit, all coordinates from the measuring tip are detected with high accuracy and then transmitted via Bluetooth to the Stairbox software installed on the netbook. The measured step parameters are transmitted to the software in real time and then displayed on the screen which enables immediate visual control – missed or incorrect measurements and transposed numbers are a thing of the past!





The Stairbox from Flexijet provides two measurement modes:

The point measurement (picture right) is particularly suitable for rectangular measurement. Here you mark only individual benchmarks which are connected with straight lines. The position of the front edge and the stair overhang are then automatically calculated. The contour measurement (picture bottom left) is available to measure complex, angled or rounded stair forms. In this measuring mode, the position of the measurement pointer is drawn continuously on the screen without interruption.

   You can use both types of measurement at any time and even combined with each other and thereby measure even the most complex step shapes in only a few seconds. Measurements which lasted hours, can be made with the Flexijet Stairbox system in minutes, very easy and highly accurate.

If you want to measure more than just stairs?

Please have a look at the Flexijet-Stairbox360° and our 3D-Laser-Mesurement-System Flexijet 3D